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    Available Bond Types

    Performance Bond

    A Performance Bonds make sure that you, the contractor, completes the project to the specifications of the project. If you are not able to complete the project, the project owner will not face any financial loss. The federal Miller Act requires that you have bonds for contracts that are over $100,000 and some state and local governments require performance bond for contracts over $2,000.

    License Bond

    A License Bond ensures that you company is operating under the laws and regulations set by local, state, and federal governments. They help to protect consumers from businesses operating outside the law. A license bond lets your clients know that you are stable and went though the proper steps to do the project the correct way

    Bid Bond

    A Bid Bond helps to make sure that you company is technically able and financially able to complete the project at the bid price. A bid bond lets the project owner know that you have the financial stability to accept that job you are bidding on.

    Payment Bond

    A Payment Bond ensures that when the project is over that you are able to pay the sub-contractors, employees, suppliers, and other creditors that have helped you on the project

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