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    General Liability Insurance

    General Liability Insurance coverage is critical for contractors. As safe as we try to be, most project sites have the potential for all sorts of accidents. A simple slip and fall could easily result in a very expensive claim or even a lawsuit. Without proper coverage, one claim could easily force you out of business.

    General Liability Insurance protects businesses from claims arising from alleged bodily injury, personal injury or property damage liability arising out of operations. Commercial General Liability insurance can include protection for civil suits arising out services rendered, products sold or operations in general including coverage for accidents occurring in and around premises owned or occupied by the Insured. Coverage payments may include judgments, attorney fees, court costs, or other related expenses.

    General Liability should also provide advertising and personal injury (libel, slander) and contractual liability, but these features are often excluded for technology firms and picked up under either the Errors & Omissions policy or Media Liability policy.

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